Digital Advertising

Last Updated: 15th March 2021

We help to fund Oneworld rewards through advertising

When you shop

When you shop with our partners and use your Oneworld card we learn about what you buy, and you collect Oneworld Points that you can spend on real stuff. We help fund these Points through advertising.

Supported with advertising

We use Oneworld data to build audiences of Oneworld Collectors, and brands pay to advertise to them. We work with carefully selected partners to make Oneworld audiences available on their platforms and take a share of the advertising fee, which we use to fund Oneworld Points.

How do we do it?

Step 1: Create an Audience

First, we use Oneworld data to create audiences of people that brands want to reach. We can also use audiences of people that brands have created themselves from their own customers such as newsletter sign ups, and competition entries.

Step 2: Deliver the ad

To deliver the ad, we find audiences when they use websites, apps, social media and advanced TV, through our partner platforms such as Google and Facebook.

How we find audiences when they are online

  • We may use cookies and similar technologies, as well as data from your device when you visit our websites or app
  • We may match with identifiers, such as email address
  • Or we may use match partners, comprised of websites that you have interacted with, such as sites for news, ticket sales and competitions, to match Oneworld data to the online ecosystem in a secure environment

This may involve the sharing of Oneworld data with our partner platforms. Some of our partner platforms, such as Google and Facebook, may also use this data for their own purposes, including to enhance their services, as described within their respective privacy policies.

Step 3: Check its relevance

When we know that our partners have delivered the ad to you, we check to see if the ad was useful and relevant to you by using the transactional data created when you use your Oneworld card. If it was relevant, you may see more ads like that in the future; if it wasn’t, we may show you fewer similar ads. Either way, you’ll earn Points on your shopping as normal.

What are my choices?

We hope you’ll understand how this helps fund the Oneworld Points you earn on your spending and also helps us make the ads you see more relevant to you. Digital advertising is part of Oneworld membership,