Staying Safe Online

Last Updated: 20 February 2021

Online Safety First

We work non-stop to keep your data safe. Sometimes we even block accounts to keep you protected from phishing and other hacking attempts.

About phishing

Phishing describes any cybercriminal activity aiming to steal your data to commit fraud. Cybercriminals can be quite savvy and sometimes disguise themselves as trusted companies like Oneworld. In case you ever get an email that’s unexpected or just doesn’t look and feel right, beware.

We will never ask you to reveal your password or any bank details to access your account. Each time you log into Oneworld, make sure the padlock icon is on your browser bar.

If you are worried, don’t click on any links, open any attachments or forward to anyone else.  Please forward any suspicious emails or screenshots to

If you have noticed any points missing or any other suspicious activity, contact us by email.

So what can I do?

There is a couple of simple but effective things that can help you stay safe online:

Strong passwords

When it comes to passwords, it’s better to play hard to guess.Making it memorable is one thing, but fraudsters can easily track clues from your social media accounts and guess your password. Here are some things you should avoid using as your password:

  • Partner’s, child’s or other family member’s name
  • Pet’s name
  • Place of birth
  • Favourite holiday
  • Favourite sports team or anything related

Complexity is key as it adds an extra layer of security. Make sure you change your passwords regularly and that each of your online accounts has its own, unique password. This way even if one of your accounts gets hacked, it won’t open the door to the rest of your accounts.

A verification code

Also known as a 2-step verification, this is another layer of online safety. It is there to stop anyone who might have guessed or stolen your username and password from accessing your account. To keep your points safe, we always use verification codes when we make changes to your account or when you spend your points.

Antivirus software

That is a great way to prevent anyone from accessing your computer and data. Although antivirus software can’t prevent every single type of cyberattack, it keeps vulnerability at a minimum. That is what makes it an important tool that helps keep you safe across your devices. When on the look for an antivirus software, it’s best to go for a trusted and well-known one. This way you will be getting frequent and real-time updates, keeping you safe from the latest threats.

Updated software

The updates of your apps and software come with vital security updates that keep you safe from cybercriminals. Using the most up to date versions will keep any weaknesses, attacks and identity theft at bay. If you do not like updates getting the way of what you are doing, you can schedule downloading them at night or when you do not use your device.